Friday, February 29, 2008

Make Yourself Recession-Proof By Making Yourself Depression-Proof

Dear Readers:

We live in increasingly complicated times.

This is not attributable to technology, regulatory standards, the economy, Global Warming, the Gross Domestic Product, changing demographics, internationalism, immigration, or is been principally caused (and continually fueled) by us. We have brought this nightmare upon ourselves.

It happens when the following conditions are permitted to flourish:

  1. We become so obsessed with saying something that may be construed as offensive by anyone, that we cease to speak the truth, and start talking in watered-down, unmotivating generalities. Sometimes being "politically correct" means pretending not to notice, or remaining silent, or avoiding precision in communications. We are diluted and deluded;

  2. We accept lies and other morally reprehensible conduct from our leaders because we have lowered our standards and diminished our expectations;

  3. We make excuses instead of apologies;

  4. We stop taking corrective action because we are afraid to upset the norm or receive negative attention;

  5. We spend time assigning blame instead of solving problems together;

  6. We are more obsessed with imposing stiff punishments than in preventing crime, correcting misbehavior, and seeking balanced justice;

  7. We deny each other our sacred uniqueness by imposing labels and diagnoses on each other.

There is a desperate need for a return to sensibility, honesty, humor and humanity. Simplicity is not an obscenity. It is elegant, pure and beautiful.

You can make yourself recession-proof by making yourself depression-proof. Just apply these simple guidelines to your life, and find a calm and peace that you had forgotten could exist within you:

  1. Do not associate yourself with negative people, naysayers, energy vampires and chronic critics;

  2. Do not live beyond your means...there is no competition worth entering where you must worry daily about meeting huge bills. People do not generally steal and cut ethical corners when they do not have constant pressure upon them to "live bigger and spend more". It seems foolish to give the bulk of your money to a group of faceless creditors;

  3. Do not become addicted to listening to the constant litany of negative news in the media -- read some good books and listen to some enjoyable music instead;

  4. Dedicate some time to learn something new every day -- set aside time for hobbies and things that you enjoy...reward yourself;

  5. Take a walk and get some fresh air every day -- don't stay cooped up and suffer from "cabin fever.";

  6. Eat healthier, non-processed foods, and take time to prepare some of your own meals;

  7. Exercise daily. In fact, develop an exercise regimen -- it will help you to feel alive and energetic;

  8. Plan things ahead of time in order to avoid last-minute panic and stress. Determine in advance when you will shop, run errands, get your automobile serviced, etcetera;

  9. Cultivate a circle of trustworthy friends in whom you can confide (no losers allowed in your circle!); and, most importantly,

  10. Treat others as you would have them treat you - with respect, dignity and grace.

Simplify your life, and enjoy the journey!

Joseph Droual


Author and speaker Douglas Castle contributed to this article. You can visit his blog by clicking on You can also make a needed contribution to the CHILDREN'S INTERNATIONAL OBESITY FOUNDATION at Our children are counting on you for support.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

THE INTERNAL ENERGY PLUS WAY -- An Interview With The Headmaster.

Dear Readers:

I have the honor of interviewing Headmaster Soke Sijo Joseph Droual, celebrated martial artist and teacher, recent inductee into the U.S. Martial Arts Hall Of Fame, and the original Co-Founder of INTERNAL ENERGY PLUS. He has graciously consented to this brief session with me. Some years ago, Soke was my personal martial arts teacher, and he became a close personal confidant. His friendship, kindness, wisdom and sense of integrity have enriched my life. I am truly blessed to count him among my friends.

It is my specific objective to have Soke, in his own distinct and direct manner of speaking, familiarize persons from all different walks of life with INTERNAL ENERGY PLUS...what it actually it is practiced...why it well as its philosophical principles and practical applications, with their miraculous benefits for each and every individual and organization. In brief, I am asking Soke to fully reveal the System's amazing transformative potential in a way that everyone can understand and appreciate.
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My name is Douglas Castle, and you can find out a bit about me at either HUMANITAS MAXIMUS or at LINKED IN .

And now to our interview:
Q: SiJo, in simple terms, what is Internal Energy Plus?
A: Internal Energy Plus is a highly simplified and consolidated all-in-one wellness system, involving twelve special energy balancing postures, breathing and positive visualization. It is a distillation of many ancient disciplines, and captures the treasured essence of each. If practiced, it can optimize your physical and emotional wellness, and can help you to identify and successfully achieve those things that are truly important to you. It gives you clarity and focus, and freedom from negative energies and distractions which interfere with your ability to be truly healthy, happy and succeed at achieving your deepest goals. It grounds and stabilizes you, in body, mind and spirit. Internal Energy Plus actually liberates your inherent potential for greatness, and it enhances your ability to work productively with other individuals.
Q: How has Internal Energy Plus helped you, personally?
A: I discovered the system about five years ago during a meditation class that I was teaching for development of Ki -- the life force energy. It has helped me to re-focus my life's efforts and energies, and it has bolstered my creativity tremendously. It can do this for any willing student. It is elegant in its simplicity, yet it is incredibly powerful and empowering.
Q: Does Internal Energy Plus have a credo, or a "Mission Statement" that sums it up simply and memorably for our readers?
A: Yes: "Focus and clarity for your personal and professional life."
Q: What influences went into creating the system, its philosophy, and the Twelve Postures?
A: My 37 years of martial arts training and teaching, combined with the wisdom and teachings of all of the generations of martial artists in their various styles, who came before me. It is a consolidation, as well as a crystallization of these principles into a powerful, concentrated essence.
Q: How can physical postures, or breathing, actually change the way that I think?
A: There is an undeniable connection between mind and body. They work to help each other, or to hamper each other. By grounding and focusing energies through certain very specific physical movements and controlled breathing, the body and mind are harmonized and synchronized for a unity of purpose and intention.
Q: Is there a particular "Internal Energy Plus" way of thinking? Of handling each and every situation which may confront us in our daily lives?
A: The way and practice of Internal Energy Plus trains the mind to visualize a desired outcome, and to proceed toward it in linear fashion, with a laser-like focus. No impediment stands in the way of pure human determination. Any obstacle can be overcome. Interestingly, when other individuals are involved, Internal Energy Plus trains your empathy and intuitive sensitivity to help you to achieve peaceful and productive compromise. You can turn your adversaries into allies if you can understand and "feel" what their needs are, as well as your own.
Q: I have heard that Internal Energy Plus is a "social movement"...what do you think about that?
A: I don't fully agree with your phraseology, but I understand why some people might say this. Internal Energy Plus is, in actuality, an individual attainment which can lead to beneficial, productive and peaceful social change. Ultimately, it will create a "social movement".
Q: Who can benefit by learning and using Internal Energy Plus, and how, exactly, can these individuals benefit?
A: Anyone and everyone can benefit by learning and practicing Internal Energy Plus. Even you. The benefits are too numerous to list in a brief interview. Some of the most commonly experienced include: increased self-knowledge, increased awareness, increased energy and focus, greater self-esteem, improved physical health and fitness, increased efficiency in undertaking all tasks, increased inner peace, better relationships with colleagues and co-workers, a greater ability to assume responsibility...there are so many.
Q: How do you differentiate Internal Energy Plus from, say martial arts systems, yoga, tai-chi, tai-bo, transcendental meditation, hypnotherapy, NLP and other systems or approaches to self-mastery, wellness and achievement? You certainly don't look like Tony Robbins or Wayne Dyer, either, by the way...
A: Internal Energy Plus has certain elements in common with many of these pursuits, but it is far simpler, far faster to learn, and far more beneficial. Also, I am not as tall as Tony Robbins, and I have more hair than Wayne Dyer. I think you look like Bruce Willis... Seriously, Internal Energy Plus integrates the mind with body in motion, into a singularity, or complete unit...many of these "success gurus" do not address this critical linkage. The body learns, just as the mind learns. The body can access the mind and the mind can access the body. These two types of learning must be integrated to achieve the greatest result for the individual.

Q: Does training in Internal Energy Plus require that I eliminate the use of any of these other systems?
A: Not at all. Internal Energy Plus is a companion and an enhancement to all of these other self-improvement systems. In fact, Internal Energy Plus can exponentially accelerate your ability to be successful at mastering these other systems. It amplifies confidence and competence.
Q: Can any person learn the system? How long does it take? How much time would I have to invest per day?
A: Anyone can learn. It usually takes approximately three months for an individual to learn to practice the postures, breathing and visualizations correctly. It takes only minutes a day after you have mastered the basics, but a greater investment of time yields even greater rewards.
Q: How can Internal Energy Plus increase my energy and awareness levels?
A: It brings out and focuses the Ki, which stimulates both body and mind.
Q: How can Internal Energy Plus make me physically stronger, and better-balanced?
A: The postures and the breathing contain elements of isometric, calisthenic, cardiovascular and other types of exercises. Balancing the body is not only an excellent exercise, but it actually helps to relax and balance the mind.

Q: How can Internal Energy Plus help me to focus my thinking and my actions on achieving my personal objectives?
A: It combines visualization, with grounding and physical action. It unifies your energies and directs them in a straight line toward your intention.
Q: How can Internal Energy Plus help me to control my moods and emotional responses?
A: Internal Energy Plus helps to eliminate panic and anxiety, and to replace them with patience and confidence. It expands your perception or "sense" of time so that you experience things more slowly, with more than adequate time to respond properly.
Q: How can Internal Energy Plus make me more self-confident, and less fearful?
A: Your courage and confidence are increased, and your enhanced ability to anticipate and address an adversary's moves allows you to pre-empt hostilities before they escalate to foolish and unproductive violence.

Q: How does Internal Energy Plus empower women?
A: It builds women's confidence and self-esteem in their own physicality and competency. It places women in a position of courage and control, and eliminates the "victim" mindset that can too often render them indecisive and vulnerable.
Q: What types of programs does Internal Energy Plus offer for corporations, institutions and other organizations? What are the benefits to these clients? As a result of Internal Energy Plus training, do groups and teams actually become more productive and profitable?
A: We offer a host of programs, from individual consultations and training, to targeted and customized corporate and organizational seminars. Clients benefit by increased health, happiness and prosperity. Importantly, they also experience increased success through their more empathetic and productive interactions with family, friends and co-workers. In brief, we teach people to work better as individuals, and to be better team players, with wonderful conflict resolution and concensus-reaching skills . Obviously, the organizations which are fortunate enough to employ these individuals and teams benefit tremendously. The Internal Energy Plus way is very strong, very magnetic and contagious, in the most favorable sense of that term. Find out about our organization, our gifted and dedicated people, and all of our individual and organizational programs by visiting our website at, which is currently being rebuilt to accommodate our newest programs and testimonials.
Q: How are the Internal Energy Plus Consultants and Seminar Leaders and Facilitators trained? Who certifies them?
A: Every Consultant and Seminar leader is personally trained by either Sibak Ryan Wilson or by me, personally. Sibak and I jointly certify each Consultant and Seminar Leader.
Q: How can I locate a qualified Seminar Leader or Personal or Organizational Trainer?
A: Visit our website at or telephone us at 866-758-7496 (866-PLUS-4-YOU).

Q: How can I learn more about Internal Energy Plus?
A: Visit our website at, and join our new Yahoo! Group. Click on:, and then click on the box that says "Join This Group". You may also want to learn more about us by visiting some of the blogs posted by some of our Team Members:

Q: Where can I obtain books and training manuals about Internal Energy Plus and various other Internal Energy Plus logotyped products?
A: Just visit our website and browse. Please.
Q: Can I talk you into giving me a free Internal Energy Plus T-shirt?
A: If you promise to let me get back to my dojo right now, I will have one sent to you.
Interviewer's Note: I am still waiting for my T-Shirt.

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Dear Readers:

I am delighted to take this opportunity to refer you to two brand new posts written by two of our expert INTERNAL ENERGY PLUS Consultants, and I know that you will find them as enjoyable to read as they are informative.

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We at IEP are dedicated to helping you to improve the quality of your health, your happiness, and success in every aspect of your life. Our website, is currently under construction, but should be completed very soon. We offer a full roster of private consultation, instruction, and corporate/ organizational seminar programs and products to improve the your home life, your social life, and your professional interaction at your place of business.
-- Headmaster Joseph Droual

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Dear Readers:

Welcome to INSIGHTS, where we will be discussing a variety of interesting and important topics regarding the different martial arts, the INTERNAL ENERGY PLUS All-In-One Health And Wellness System, the practice of physical and emotional fitness, maintaining proper nutrition, coping with stress, and many other health-related issues. In my first post, to be published by August 15th, I will be interviewed by Douglas Castle regarding the development, scientific principles and postures of INTERNAL ENERGY PLUS. You will be inspired, as well as informed.

***You will not want to miss this post!***

I am honored to have you all as my guests.

Headmaster Joseph Droual